Major Project Dashboard

Research Blog

An in-depth look at how the idea for Spot started to the final working prototype. Research through to sketches and UI designs can also be found via this link.

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Brand Guidelines

This outlines how Spot's brand should be used. It covers tone of voice, colour scheme, typography as well as brand values.

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Launch Strategy

A document outlining how I plan to promote Spot, pre and post launch. It looks at social media presence as well as merchanise and future development.

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Promotional Website

A look at the website designed to promote Spot. It shows some of the apps features, as well as an explore page to search for dog friendly listings.

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App Prototype

Check out a functional and realistic look into Spot's app. Navigate your way through the app to discover dog friendly places in Northern Ireland.

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Colophon Report

This report gives an insight into how Spot was created. It looks at challenges faced throughout the project as well as strengths, weaknesses and technology used.

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Viva Presentation

My final year presentation for Spot that gives an overview of the project from start to finish, as well as plans for the future.

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