hi, i'm hannah 👩🏻‍💻

a ux/ui designer based in hillsborough, ni.

@IXDBelfast final year student & designer of apps and more @SugarRush

recent work

Some recent projects I have completed.

final year major project


A mobile app to help dog owners find the best dog friendly spots across Northern Ireland to visit with their four legged friend. This project was completed from September 2021 to May 2022.
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accessibility within remote learning

This report explores the challenges around online learning platforms and delivery methods that students faced during Covid-19 school closures. It explores inclusive solutions that schools can adopt for future learning initiatives.
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second year project

code box

Making coding fundamentals more accessible for 10 - 12 year olds in high school. This digital product is designed to be used as a learning resource in ICT classes to support teaching and encourage students to learn coding at a young age.
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side projects

These are a few small side projects that I have worked on in my spare time.
No briefs, no deadlines, no pressure.
More coming soon...


Style Cheat App Concept

During the first covid-19 lockdown, I came across Style Cheat's website and decided to design some screens to show how their app could look if one was developed for their online store. I worked with their branding elements, including colour & typography to design these few screens.

Skills: UX Design, UI Design | Tools: Sketchbook & Figma
Year: 2020 | Timeframe: 1 day


Kinshipped App Concept

The Kinshipped online store is one I've purchased from in the past and I've always liked the look and feel of their site. This inspired me to create a few app screens of how an app for their online store could look if one was developed. These designs matched their branding & product images were used from their website.

Skills: UX Design, UI Design | Tools: Sketchbook & Figma
Year: 2020 | Timeframe: 1 day

a little bit about me...

I am currently in my final year at Ulster University Belfast, studying Interaction Design (aka IXD) where I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Design with Honours in summer 2022.

I'm a UX/UI Designer with a passion for all things app design and a bit of an Apple fan! I get a buzz working on ideas from the initial concept through to the design stage. I enjoy simplifying complex problems and combining user friendly solutions with clean and aesthetic user interfaces, creating real and innovative experiences.

When not tapping away on my MacBook, I'm out walking my dogs, I have 5!! I also run an Instagram account for my two pups Tilly & Teagan. You might also catch me binge watching the latest shows and movies, heading to the airport to catch a flight or spending time with family & friends.